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How to market your Travel agency in this competitive world?

Apr 26, 2017

In this era of technology, maintaining a presence of your travel business over the internet becomes essential. For the travel agencies, it is vital to have a quality web portal and quality booking engines. Travel booking engines have totally changed the way individuals plan their vacation and trips. Nowadays travelers do not need to just find out the agency for preparing their travel itineraries instead these booking engines offers the solution to book the trip by just clicking the button.

There are ample no of travel booking engine available in the market today from which the travelers can easily compare the travel data across the travel sites. There are various resources to find deals on cheap hotel, flight, bus reservation or car reservation. So, promoting your travel agency is utmost important so as make your business alive.

Some Ideas to market your Travel Agency:

1. Understand your customer need:
Marketing is not so easy as it seems, but for the good marketing, it is important to genuinely understand your buyer personas. A demographic is important and before putting the marketing strategy just ask yourself what drives you while researching, planning and booking? What motivates you to go for traveling? You yourself will get the answers and you can then start with your marketing strategy.

2. The unique look of the website:
Having catchy and attractive design with some uniqueness attract the customers to check out your website. Give some attractive offers on your website so that the visitor mind get a strike and he will make some plan to travel.
P.S: To get the unique look with catchy designs in a website you can hire an experienced travel technology company.

3. Attractive and responsive design:
Nowadays, 90% individuals use mobile to search for the things as using a laptop or desktop takes time. So, with this competition, you need to have a responsive design website which can keep you ahead of your competitors. Individuals get frustrated if they need to zoom the things to check so getting responsive design is an advantage.

4. Simple Content with the simple design:
Mostly successful online brands do not go for any complicated design and or difficult content. They made their website easy with simple content and simple design so that users can access easily and understand everything. So, try to have a website with easy information so that visitors do not look out for other option.

5. Test your website and think according to customer perception:
Testing your website content is a good way and check the visitor’s expectation is meet up or not. Check that your website is up to the mark or not.

6. Update the website Regularly:
The search engine does not like any old content. It loves to have fresh content so keep updating your website with relevant content which can drive your organic search engine and creates traffic.

P.S: To update the content of the website hire an expert as a little effort can make your business go in a long run.

7. Get quality travel booking engines:
Numerous Travel agencies are present nowadays so make yourself unique with a quality travel booking engines which are user-friendly. Get your booking engine login connected with google or facebook so that an individual did not need to fill long information.

8. Social Media:
Making quality web portal for marketing is not sufficient nowadays social media platform is also important to consider. Social media is a boon for marketing any type of business. Most of the individual love to spend their time on social media and if they see something attractive they used to check it and buy. Some social media platforms are:

Create your facebook page and update it regularly for the good marketing. The best thing about Facebook is that if your marketing strategy is perfect then, your posts can become viral, and your offers get shared by the individuals and their friends start to see them. In this way, you can reach numerous individuals which you can not imagine.

All the individuals are using Twitter nowadays or have an account on it. It is a social networking platform which can drive huge traffic if used correctly. What you need to do is you have to do create your account ion twitter one most important thing is to have quality followers who can see what you share. At least post 5-10 posts daily on your twitter account and this way you generate leads. If someone has replied on your tweet just re-tweet to them and build the good relationship.

You are thinking why travel agency need to market on Instagram? Instagram now is not just restricted for posting an individual image but it has become a platform to do business. Most known brands are doing business through it. Instagram is a powerful platform for social media which drives the traffic. People love to see amazing pictures and use to follow the pages with those pictures. Just you need to create your account on it and then post minimum 10-15 attractive images and grow your account by following others.

Pinterest is a great platform to advertise your travel agency. This platform contains lots of pictures and individuals use to love it. Just you need to create an account on Pinterest create some boards and then post 15-20 amazing photos of your exotic destination. Grow your account by following other people. This way you can create good marketing and drive the traffic.

Google+ is a largest social media platform to do marketing for your travel agency. Many known brands are doing marketing through this platform. If you have not started using this platform for your business then you have lost many leads. This platform can drive huge traffic and also can give you more leads. Just you need to create an account and then, start promoting it through the attractive content. In this platform, groups are known as communities for which you did not need to wait for getting approval but instead, you can get the approval instantly.

9. Encourage email marketing through the newsletter:
Do not take email marketing lightly, as email database is one of the most valuable assets. Just get a simple act of adding the subscription form to your website. Encourage your customers to subscribe email newsletter and then start communicating with them effectively. A good newsletter will surely drive traffic and encourage to generate leads. Send one email newsletter daily to your customers with attractive content.

10. Mobile marketing through SMS:
This might seem you outdated but in truth, smartphones are playing a key role in travel consumer journey. An SMS with the attractive offer can make an individual think and entice them to make a plan to travel across the destination.

11. Do not forget to have Good Digital Marketing services:
Digital marketing services includes Google adwords and PPC. Nowadays for any type of business digital marketing is essential. Through digital marketing websites can drive the traffic and can rank up in the search engines. Mostly individual search for some keywords and check only those websites who comes first in search engine.
P.S: To get the digital marketing services you can hire travel digital marketing experts who are capable of driving the traffic on your website through search engines.

12. Share your travel experience through a blog with photos and videos:
Do not forget to share your experience of traveling through a blog or article. Just reading about the destination is one thing but getting to see some amazing pictures and videos bring them life. So share each and every travel experience through a blog which entice the users to make some plan.

Through this article you will get some guidance to promote your travel agency. I wish you good luck with this and with that you can bring loads of traffic to your travel agency. Use the information correctly and your business will get boom!