The Grand Exhibition of Travel and Tourism Industry: SATTE 2024 in Greater Noida

Jan 16, 2024

The Grand Exhibition of Travel and Tourism Industry: SATTE 2024 in Greater Noida

The South Asian Travel and Tourism Exhibition (SATTE) has arisen as a chief premise for the movement and the travel industry, and the 2024 version vows to be a milestone occasion. Held in the rambling city of Noida, SATTE 2024 is set to feature the different woven artwork of movement South Asia brings to the table.

Important Information regarding SATTE 2024

The even will be held from February 22 to 24, this year. The location is India Expo Mart, Noida.



February 22 @ 9:00 am


February 24 @ 6:00 pm

Event Category:




India Expo Centre & Mart

Plot No. 23 – 25 & 27- 29 Knowledge Park – II Gautam Budh Nagar uttar Pradesh 201306 India





Informa Markets India Pvt. Ltd.





The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, supports the event. The global and national participants will be tour offices, travel agencies, hotel chains, and other entities from the travel and tourism industry. There will be many offers in the exhibition like new travel packages, innovative tourism technologies, etc. SATTE will also hold knowledge-sharing sessions and workshops on various topics of travel and tourism.

Uncovering the Setting: Noida as the Ideal Host

More prominent Noida, with its cutting edge framework and critical area, gives an ideal setting to SATTE 2024. The city’s best in class presentation offices and very much associated transportation make it a consistent center point for the union of movement fans, industry experts, and exhibitors from across the globe. The extensive show space in More prominent Noida considers an exhaustive presentation of the complex parts of South Asian travel and tourism industry.

Worldwide Investment: A Blend of Societies and Destinations

SATTE 2024 is supposed to observe a different cluster of members, going from public the travel industry sheets and travel services to neighborliness goliaths and arising new businesses. With portrayal from South Asian nations, the exhibition will act as a blend of societies, cultivating cross-line joint efforts and advancing the provincial travel industry. The occasion will give participants an attractive and open door to investigate and draw in with a heap of movement contributions, from colorful objections to experience the travel industry and reasonable travel drives.

Advancement in Travel Industry Innovation: Exploring the Fate of Tourism

One of the features of SATTE 2024 is the accentuation of movement innovation. The exhibition will highlight the most recent developments, including augmented reality encounters, artificial intelligence-driven travel arrangements, and state-of-the-art booking stages. This emphasis on innovation means rethinking the movement scene, making it more available and vivid for the two explorers and industry experts. Participants can expect bits of knowledge about how innovation is reshaping the movement experience and creating additional opportunities for what’s to come.

Advancing Maintainable Practices: A Dependable Way to Deal with Travel and Tourism

SATTE 2024 puts an enormous accentuation on supportable the travel industry. With the movement business confronting expanding examination for its natural effect, the presentation looks to exhibit eco-accommodating drives, capable travel industry practices, and preservation endeavors. From green locations to carbon-impartial travel choices, SATTE 2024 expects to motivate an aggregate obligation to protect South Asia’s normal magnificence and social legacy. Visit the official website to gather more details.