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TraviPro crs offers streamline the itinerary quoting process & reduces the response time of the enquires.

TraviPro CRS is a travel package management solution for agents and agencies, travel portals, consolidators, destination management companies, and hotel resellers.

Travipro offers you a bouquet of customizable features that are personalized to meet your business's requirements. We are 14 years old company and 5 years of experience in travel domain has given us a deep insight into the requirements of the travel industry and revolutionized the way our clients work.

Our team of highly dedicated professionals and a portfolio of 35 clients in more than 20 countries around the world substantiate our ability to build a robust and feature-rich travel agent software that plays a crucial role in your growth.

Some of the key Features

  • Lead Management

    Can Manage and keep track of every lead who have interest in the Predefine and Custom Tour Packages, Manage the status of each lead, can make contact of each lead and able to add Task, Notes to each lead. Tasks feature including making to-do lists, logging meetings and phone calls, and creating email reminders.

    Lead Management has the Email Feature.From here you can compose and send email from your Travipro Account. Just select the lead or contact to communicate with and get started writing the message. You are able to send Predefined and Custom Packages. Although Travipro offers you the ability to Edit Your emails directly through travipro Admin Panel.

  • Contact Management

    Can Manage the details of all the customers who are interested in purchasing the product. And also can able to add the task to each contact Person.

  • Follow-ups Management

    Can Observe and Monitor the Leads & Task which has already been done or started.

  • Package Management

    You can create Custom Packages by using Destinations & Attractions, can import predefined packages, Can manage package meal, services, Guide, Transfer, Rate, Accommodation, Includes, Excludes and Flights. You can send the predefined and custom packages to the existing contacts through email.

  • Properties (Accommodation) Management

    You can manage Properties details for the packages from this section. Can manage Room type, Contact Details, Destination Distance, Property Images and Rates & Periods of the property.You can also send the Property details to the existing contacts through email.

  • Destinations Management

    You can Create and manage Destinations from here which are used in the packages.

  • Attractions Management

    You can Create and manage Attractions which are used in the packages. Can manage Rates for the Attractions from here.

  • Suppliers Management

    Can add and manage the suppliers which has to be used to create packages.

  • Guide Management

    Can add and manage the detail of the Guides which has to be used to create the package. Can manage Guide details, Languages and manage Guide's rates from the package.

  • SMS & Email Notifications

    You can compose and send email from your Travipro Account. And can send SMS notification to the customers.

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